Scene 1 down, About another 8 or 9 to go!

2013-10-17 21:30:45 by ToasterBrutals

I have a solid idea of the length of this cartoon, and I'm happy to say the first scene is in the bag, I have another project coming up soon for school so I might have to halt this to work on that, but believe me I'm not too eager. Anyway stay tuned for more updates, things are looking good so far!

Stay classy \m/


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2013-10-17 21:58:07

fuk ur gay


2013-10-17 22:15:36

Hows the boob count so far?

Are you meeting quota?


2013-10-17 22:43:17

boob quota plz


2013-10-26 04:33:54

Stay classy!