Future Plans

2013-08-22 04:05:58 by ToasterBrutals

Well now that Metal Queer Solid is put behind me I can move to bigger and better things. Although I don't feel like completely jumping into a giant project again, so what I'm going to do is release three shorts (one which was released a few days ago) And two more (and yes I promise these next two will be longer and better). Just to get me into the groove of animating better and refining the skill. I also start my senior year Monday so that looks fun I guess, anyway, stay tuned, we're getting things together for some shorts and the next big cartoon. (Which is probably going to be a two-partner) Hopefully I top Metal Queer in terms of everything from writing to animation and stuff. Hell maybe I could snag daily feature, but we'll see.

Cheers guys! Stay tuned!


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2013-08-22 10:47:19

Nice to know what's coming next, though I'd like MORE information. I don't think MQS will be easy to top, but I do think that you are up to the task. Eager to see more animated comedy, man.


2013-08-22 18:16:22

Cool man!


2013-08-22 18:17:30

good luck


2013-08-22 20:19:07

i look forward to your new videos.


2013-08-22 22:05:02

Pic or it didnt happen


2013-08-23 01:42:46



2013-08-24 13:44:07

My body remains ready.