Metal Queer Solid Part 2 - LONGER THAN I THOUGHT.

2013-04-08 23:51:54 by ToasterBrutals

The cartoon is a tad longer than I thought. So it'll take a bit longer, the original MQS would have been done by now, so stay tuned! Here's a screenshot. Thanks!

Metal Queer Solid Part 2 - LONGER THAN I THOUGHT.


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2013-04-09 01:57:07

all good thing come to those who wait


2013-04-09 03:52:20

I will persevere with patience. Looks good?


2013-04-09 05:20:37

lookin forward to that, loved the first one:)


2013-04-10 11:55:54

I'm glad you kinda take after Eddsworld animation style because well... You know... He's gone and stuff...


2013-04-10 17:34:50

Can't wait, you rascal you...