Female Voice Actress Needed :3

2012-12-20 02:21:53 by ToasterBrutals

Hey guys!

The script for Part 2 has been completed! However, since it does involve a girl, we're going to need a VOICE ACTRESS. if you are interested, please send me a message with a demo of yourself! It would be even better if you wanted to become a regular voice actress for us, but that's up to you! So what do you say girls? You wanna give it a shot?


PS: Xmas Special UNDERWAY!


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2012-12-20 02:25:43

I'd love to! But... I'm a guy :\


2012-12-20 03:46:40

Darn; and i have a microphone and everything. oh well i guess you can't win them all.


2012-12-20 05:19:44

CURSE MYY-CHROMOSOME! I totally would've loved to be in one of your guys' stuff.


2012-12-20 12:26:11

I woud love to! But my microphone is broken :(

ToasterBrutals responds:

Aww D: I'm sorry, if you ever get a new one or get it fixed. you should definitely get to me in the future though!


2012-12-21 04:36:50



2012-12-21 08:52:19

I'm game.

ToasterBrutals responds:

Sweet! Could you send me a sample?


2012-12-22 04:06:40

I read the little update thing I was all like yay then I was like wait...I'm prob to young...then I was like maybe they be able to notice then I was like ima write a comment...I so failz...oh and I have no idea how to send you a sample of my voice =b