Cheesiest thing you ever read, grab some nachos, you'll need them.

2012-12-05 00:35:00 by ToasterBrutals

I am so grateful that you guys found MQS worthy of Daily 2nd xD Thank you so much, it means practically everything to me xD A lot of elbow grease went into this one and it's nice to see hard work get a good amount of positive response! I love all of your faces and I'll try to make Part 2 equally as awesome if not more (I set the bar too high for myself I think T-T) To every person that sits there and waits for my cartoons, and gets excited when they see them uploaded, this is for you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, you've made my sleepless nights and cram sessions worth the failing grades I receive the next day xDD


PS: Thanks P-Bot xD You rock!


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2012-12-05 01:11:11

You earned it! Best wishes for the next one.


2012-12-05 22:31:28

cant wait till the next onejust favorited u from mqs


2012-12-06 22:47:58

Oh hey, Edd Gould! How's all the animat-OHIMSORRY!!1!